International movement for a new Museology

Mouvement international pour une nouvelle Muséologie

Movimiento internacional para una nueva Museología


Solidary Museology at Monte Redondo Museum

Between 12 and 20 May a series of solidarity actions took place in the Museum of Casal de Monte Redondo with the group of young people who have for...

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IV Course of Advanced Studies in Museology

In 2008 we held the 1st Course of Advanced Studies in Museology (I CEAM) at the National Historical Museum, in Rio de Janeiro; in 2011 we went to...

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Museum under new direction: Mario Chagas emphasizes actions around the regulars in the newly initiated management

From today to Sunday, the 16th National Museum Week takes place, sponsored by the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram), which provides for three...

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We Are All Marielle

The International Movement for a New Museology publicly manifests its vow of mourning and struggle for Marielle Franco. The International Movement...

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Doctoral Jury - Marcelle Perreira

On March 5, 2018, at 1:00 p.m., at Universida Lusófona, the Doctoral Jury in Museology was held for Master Marcelle Pereira, vice-president of MINOM-...

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Museums and Society: Reflections on the social function of the Museum

Book "Museums and Society: Reflections on the social function of the Museum", by Mario C. Moutinho. Cadernos do Património, vol, 5, 1989 - Monte...

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