International movement for a new Museology

Mouvement international pour une nouvelle Muséologie

Movimiento internacional para una nueva Museología

About us

About us

Based broadly on a concern for social and cultural change, MINOM brings together individuals who are dedicated to active and interactive museology. It is open to aIl approaches which make the museum an instrument for identity building and development within the community. MINOM favours cooperative relationships between users and professionals, as well as intercultural collaboration.

MINOM is an international organization affiliated to ICOM (International Council of Museums).


MINOM was founded in 1985, in Lisbon, Portugal, during the 2nd International New Museology Workshop. This official foundation was the result of the 1st International – Ecomuseums / New Museology Workshop in Quebec (Canada) in 1984, when museologists from 15 countries adopted The Quebec Declaration as a reference point for the movement. Its ideological origins are found in the Santiago Declaration adopted in 1972 in Chile.


Help each other, learn from each other’s strategies of using heritage and museums as a tool to combat injustice, to foster development in communities, to foster dialogue. For us, these are not just words, they are part of a project of society, with more solidarity. It is a debate not about organizations or objects, but about people.

What can we expect from the movement?

Essentially the sharing of human experiences and techniques which too often are litt1e because of the uncertain finances and the isolation which are common to many expressions of new museology: ecomuseums, neighbourhood museums, local museums, popular and commW1Íty museums. Encouragement of innovative museum initiatives. Regional and international meetings of members and non-members. A continuous exchange of ideas on the goals of museology and museography. Communication by the simplest and most direct means. Enthusiasm shared by our members.

To become a member

MINOM seeks members whose ideas and/or experiences correspond to the philosophy of new museology. If you would like to be a member, just contact the secretary. Membership is free of charge.

…and to participate

MINOM is a forum for action and ideas, aimed at making new museology known throughout the world. We rely upon the active and regular involvement of all members in the work of MINOM as an organization in which members initiate their own activities and projects.



International Conferences

2014 16th International Conference MINOM-ICOM - Havana Cuba 6-11 oct 2014

2013 15th Heritage Practice in Contested Spaces Limavady Northern Ireland

2011 - 14th International Conference MINOM-ICOM Cape Verde

2010 - 13th International Conference MINOM-ICOM Amsterdam