International movement for a new Museology

Mouvement international pour une nouvelle Muséologie

Movimiento internacional para una nueva Museología


Monte Redondo Museum awarded at the 9º Ibermuseus Prize of Education

The project "Renova Museum: Revitalization of a museum through educational actions" of Monte Redondo Museum, carried out in partnership with the...

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2018 - 19th International Conference MINOM-ICOM- Bogota

XIX International Conference of the Movement for the New Museology (MINOM) II Latin American Chair of Museology and Cultural Heritage Management...

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XX International Conference of MINOM 2019 - Lugo

The Lugo museums at the epicenter of International Social Museology The museums of the Lugo County Council will be the venue for the XX...

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Museum of the Republic´s Director go in defense of the Brazilian Institute of Museums

 The Brazilian museologist Mário Chagas, 62-year-old, considers himself one of the parents of the collective process that gave bitrh ...

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MINOM's notice

We, members of the international movement for a new museology, witnessed perplexed the deconstruction and undoing of the Public Policy of Museums...

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Condolence note for the destruction of the National Museum (Brazil)

On September 2, the fire consumed the National Museum, destroying scientific research, millennial heritage of humanity, part of Brazilian history,...

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