International movement for a new Museology

Mouvement international pour une nouvelle Muséologie

Movimiento internacional para una nueva Museología

ICOM2016 Special Programme for Ecomuseums and Community Museums Wednesday 6th July Friday 8th July


Special Programme for Ecomuseums and Community Museums

Wednesday 6th July

Friday 8th July

Programme EN & FR

Italy is the only country in the world where ecomuseums have multiplied in the last twenty years and are now recognised

by law in twelve regions or provinces. A national network is now being created to facilitate cooperation and solidarity

between the existing ecomuseums and to welcome new ones.

The Italian ecomuseums are also working on a common text, called Manfesto, or Agenda 2016, which will summarize

the experience accumulated within the network. It will become a permanent, evolutionary document aimed at reflecting

both theoretical and practical collective construction of the ecomuseum movement in Italy.

Italian ecomuseums wish to use the opportunity of the Milan Conference and of the presence in Italy of so many

museum professionals, to invite to a Special Programme of debates and visits, all their colleagues who are engaged in

community-based projects for heritage management for the local development: ecomuseums, community museums,

local museums developing territory strategies and community mobilization. We want to share our experience, our

questions, our hopes, our difficulties, and we want also to envisage the possibility of further exchanges.

The Ecomuseum Network of Lombardy, the region of which Milan is the capital, is in charge of the organization of this

Special Programme, in coordination with the Organizing Committee of the Conference which has already offered its help

and the material facilities to make possible the activities in Milan during the conference itself.


1. Forum of ecomuseums and community museums during the Conference

- Wednesday 6th July- Forum open to all ICOM 2016 participants interested by New Museology and community


- Presentation of Italian ecomuseums and of the National Ecomuseum Network

- Exhibition of posters and documents proposed by the foreign participants

- Mini-bookshop of publications brought by Italian and foreign participants

- Possibility of workshops for preparing bilateral or multilateral cooperative projects and exchanges

- Friday 8th July- Visit in groups to ecomuseums in the Milan Metropolitan area, and in subalpine lakes area.

2. Optional visits before or after the Conference