International movement for a new Museology

Mouvement international pour une nouvelle Muséologie

Movimiento internacional para una nueva Museología

Solidary Museology at Monte Redondo Museum


Between 12 and 20 May a series of solidarity actions took place in the Museum of Casal de Monte Redondo with the group of young people who have for some time assumed the Museum as a place of community sharing and intervention. Much since work is expressed in the multifaceted Museum Festum.

The Museum Festum is a participatory event, which is promoted as a culture camp. It has happened in the Museum of the village of Monte Redondo since 2012 and from year to year it has become a sharing of contacts, artistic and cultural projects and social ideas.

A camp that preserves the memories of the past and seeks the metamorphosis of the future.

Being the Casal de Monte Redondo Museum, a project that emerged within the scope of social museology begins the encounter with the community. It is therefore important to promote cultural programming for all.

Motivating the community to participate actively, creatively and critically in the production of the event "


The actions had as denominator the idea of "Emergency Museology" because it was the accomplishment of several activities aiming to create better conditions for the projects of the Museum itself. The activities were permanently followed by Judite Primo and Mário Moutinho of ULHT and Pedro Pereira Leite of CES - University of Coimbra and had the participation of several collaborators of the Museum. The group consisted of students / museologists from the Master's, PhD and Post-Doctoral programs who agreed to combine thinking with action. The accommodation of the group was made in private houses offered for the purpose and the feeding was provided with museological cost by the Imperial Restaurant. It was a week of high gastronomy that everyone has enjoyed very explicitly and in some cases very visible!.

In this context the following activities were developed:

1. Renew Museum

Transfer of the Coronary Office to the Ground floor of the Museum with about a thousand pieces;

Creation of space for the installation of the loom of rags so that it can be used again;

Partial revision of the acquis with particular attention to its hygiene and conservation conditions;

Painting the main room of the Museum and other spaces.

Transfer to a container of 12 meters acquired for this purpose and installed in a suitable place of different materials, books offered to the Museum and not yet cataloged, documentary estate Luis Pereira da Costa, computer equipment materials from previous exhibitions, etc. Some of these actions, due to their technical nature, were only possible because they received support from Monte Redondo professionals and companies that made people and equipment available.

2. Meeting / Debate about the future Pinhal do Rei Museum

On the afternoon of the 17th, a reflection session was held on the realization of the future and the motivational Exhibition in preparation for the Pinhal do Rei with the participation of its coordinator Dr. Luís Neves, Master in Museology from the Lusófona University. After the presentation of the Project there was a lively debate on the place of memory in the construction of this initiative. It was also presented the very complete Collection of Resinagem of the Museum and assured its availability in full or partial if it is necessary.

In the afternoon a tour was offered by the organizing committee of the MC in the Ria de Aveiro aboard a Moliceiro, and the group then went to Ílhavo for a visit to the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, which is essentially dedicated to the Cod Fishery. The project of this Museum and the analysis of its discourse (concepts, form and content) will be the subject of comparison / debate with the visit to the Michel Giacometti Museum of Labor, which will take place together with the students and professors of museology of the Reinwardt Academy of Amsterdam we will welcome you in our Department from May 26.

3. Meeting / Debate on the future Museum of the Coexistence of Aveiro

On the 18th, the group traveled to Aveiro for a meeting / Debate on the theme: "Museum of Coexistence - proposals", with the Organizing Committee chaired by Dr. Rui Diniz of the Association Coexistence, held in the premises of the Department of Education and Psychology, University of Aveiro. The meeting was attended by Professor Jorge Arroteia (former Pro-Rector of the AU) who emphasized the fact that the initiative brought together a public university and a private university, which assertively, were mobilized to contribute their knowledge to the creation of the future Museum.

4. Integration action with users of the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Center in Monte Redondo

On the afternoon of the 19th, an integration action took place at the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Center in Monte Redondo where the group had the opportunity to interact with the users. It was a moment of lively dialogue between everyone, in particular around the memories of the resin. It was a strong and inspiring experience that left doors open for future action.

5. Evaluation agreement

On the 20th, a group of residents of Monte Redondo and collaborators of the Museum took part in the afternoon. The President of the Parish Council of Monte Redondo, Céline Gaspar, was also present.

During the conviviality, the Coronary Office was presented by Mr. Alberto Santos, visited the spaces recovered during the week and appreciated the work carried out with emphasis on the presentation of a simple expographic reference, as a proposal of action for a greater attention to the place of the Woman in Monte Redondo.

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